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New Hope, my queer science fiction novel, is now available as a Paperback and as a Kindle e-book.

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Encyclopaedia Galactica
15th Edition: New and Revised

New Hope is the third and only inhabited planet of a class M system. The sentients are modified humans, descendants of settlers sent out from Earth-Sol on generation ships (q.v.) as part of a Colonisation Wave (q.v.). Records on Earth of communications received from the generation ship upon first arrival at New Hope indicate that the ship officers greatly disapproved of terraforming and proposed the radical adaptation of humans to the planet. If successful, the New Hopers will have spent the past century further refining a biological science of already great sophistication. It is believed that the settlers comprised at least two groups: a utopian community calling itself the Fleet Republic and originating through planned guidance of multiple on-ship and in-orbit generations; and a group of fee-paying (q.v.) passengers transported to offset costs (q.v.), although records are fragmentary. Records on Earth suggest coordinated mutinies on generation ships after departure from Sol system; ship records from vessels A, C, and F, founders of successful and independent colonies, claim that such ships were available for purchase (q.v.). An antique slow-drive ship in parking orbit is considered to be in the purview of the aforementioned Fleet Republic to whom Earth Council has ceded all claims. The ship is not available for salvage. The Fleet Republic abruptly broke off communication seventy years ago; that is, long before the experiments with folding space that made star travel feasible in a single lifetime. Only local communications have been detected in recent years. The system has an automated navigation beacon and a fully functioning satellite system. The system is armed. A perimeter shield fires on ships approaching closer than 4.2 AUs. It is thought that the shield functions automatically; the password is not known. Unauthorised contact is not permitted.
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Social and Virtual Space: Science Fiction, Transnationalism, and the American New Right

My intellectual history of contemporary spatialities,
Social and Virtual Space: Science Fiction, Transnationalism, and the American New Right
Fairleigh Dickinson Press, Associated University Presses, December 2005, ISBN 0-8386-4069-9.
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Reviews say:

“my cup of unsweetened chocolate”

“intricate, far-reaching, intellectually challenging, sometime arcane, lucid, well-documented, and ultimately passionate”
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Prismatic Heresy, my work on psychoanalytic listening, was exhibited at Transgender, Gender, and Psychoanalysis, An Exhibition, Draper Hall, London, March 2017, and the Queer Arts Weekender, Shortwave Gallery,
Shortwave Cafe, Unit H05, Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG, February 9th and 10th 2018.

Prismatic Heresy is a work—in four images—about psychoanalysis, transgender, and non-binary
gender. The prism of sessions with four people who were not my analysands refracts words into 7
colours: psychoanalytic silence and speech, Bion's alpha function, Winnicott's creativity/play, and
Lacan's RSI. Just To contact me

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